About Me

Entrepreneur, network marketer and online marketer

My name is Steven Jackson and I have been a Entrepreneur, network marketer and online marketer for the last 25 years. It ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and a sense of global independence I have always desired, which allows me to choose where and how I live.

My greatest pleasure apart from being with my family and friends is when I can help someone achieve their personal goals and dreams and allow them to understand that they can have financial freedom for themselves and their families. Watching them realize that it is possible to take control of their lives and support their families, or live in another country or simply buy a new home gives me the ultimate high.

This is my Doterrav story that took me to where I am today

I was born in a city in the south of England called Southampton and enjoy a pleasant childhood with my mother, father and a younger brother. On the whole I remember that life was happy and most of the time we had enough money. I can’t remember a situation when we were hungry even though I do recall my mother searching for coins in the kitchen draws so she could buy milk.

On the other hand, school was not so good. I was not a great pupil, but I managed to scrape through with passes and unbelievably gained an apprenticeship in metalwork for a local company. I think my dark sense of humor came from them years which I still have a bit today even though I have been away from that life. However, I have fond memories and friendships that still endure today.

A new start

The strange thing about developing and achieving some form of success is sometimes there is a negative outcome. It is not always visible at the start, but somehow I believe it is an inevitable process in life. Sometimes to succeed we need to let some of our personal baggage behind and the personal baggage for me was my long-term relationship. We had not been getting on for a while and the more personal success I was achieving the further apart our relationship became.

I realized that I needed to change everything in my life. The same year we slit and for a while life became a bit crazy with angry exchanges about money and who owned what.

In retrospect, the ending of our relationship was the best thing for me even if it was not for her. I felt freer to move forward and travel. So, in 1991 I decided to make a trip to Rome, Italy to refresh my life and have time to think over a few things on what I wanted to do next. Independent travel gives the mind time to reflect on decisions one has made in life with the realization that my future has only oneself to consider.

At the same time there is no-one to blame if everything goes wrong and in some ways that was very liberating to know that the choices I make will decide my fate.

Success is a choice and arguably was the starting point of my real journey

Action, Goals, Plans, Work and never give up was my key to success

However, to achieve financial freedom one needs to take action, as I did many years ago. This action can come in many forms but ultimately it means making a decision and then following through with it.

Next stage is setting goals for yourself, because how will you know when you have achieve anything if you have nothing to calculate your success. One of my personal goals is to move to Spain, my wife and I love the place and the culture and for many years we have dreamed about moving there and because we have that joint desire and passion to achieve that goal we have found that our focus is steady and sure. And the fact is that we have almost achieve that goal.

From the point of setting your goals the next stage is to formulate a plan on how to achieve these goals, because without a plan you are planning to fail.

Achieving any goal in life is never so simple but hard work, passion and diligence to work on it everyday has been my mantra to success. Rain or shine, good or bad day, I go through my daily list until they are done and then the day might be my own.

How to be a Entrepreneur

Finally and in some ways most importantly, never give up. People will laugh at you, ridicule you and tell you that it is not possible to be successful from a home based business, but experience has taught me that going back to basics of working hard, being passion and diligence in your desire to achieve your goals is the difference between success and failure.

If you would like to be a part of my success story and become a 21st century Entrepreneur, get back to me on my contact page and we can discuss where you want to go and how you wish to achieve success.